What We Do

While carbon offsets have been the traditional manner in which we have compensated for our business travel emissions, we are committed to a more proactive approach to help organizations reduce business travel-related emissions resulting from air travel, hotel stays, ground transportation, and live meetings and events.

Evaluation – We help companies evaluate their current sustainability goals, commitments, and achievements. We review your business travel sustainability policies and the dedication of your Travel and Meeting suppliers to reducing emissions.

Development – We then help organizations develop sustainability goals and policies and processes to achieve those goals. We develop a Travel and Meetings supplier strategy to identify and select suppliers who will be equally committed to delivering on your sustainability goals.

Oversight – We develop an implementation plan to integrate the newly developed goals, policies, and Travel and Meeting suppliers into the program. We also create a change management plan to ensure the successful implementation of the emissions reduction program.

Tracking & Report – We work with your suppliers to track and report on emission reduction opportunities and achievements, and create a scorecard to evaluate internal corporate emission reduction goals and a dashboard to assess external goals for suppliers.

And this is what we do!

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